— The Consular Corps of Washington, DC —

August 14, 2015

The 2015-2016 Executive Board

At the June, 2015 Elections, the membership elected the following colleagues to the Executive Board:

President: Angila Woodham, Consul General (New Zealand)
Vice President: Daniela Kristo Nesho, Consul (Albania)
Secretary: Pat Sheehan, Consular Officer (UK)
Treasurer: Helene Bouchard, Senior Consular Officer (Canada)
Membership – Americas: Paulette Adderley-Zonicle, Consul General (Bahamas)
Membership – Asia: Okto Manik, Head of Consular and Protocol Affairs (Indonesia)
Membership – Europe: Branka Pazin, Consul (Croatia)
Membership – Magreb and Middle East: Chiheb Zayani, Consul (Tunisia)
Associate Member Representative: Kim Sellers, Officer, Department of Homeland Security
Supporting Member Representative: Jane Perlman, Senior International Account Manager, CORT
Ombudsman: Woody Olmsted, USCIS, Retired
Program Chair: Kit Moss, Director General, Consular Corps College

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