— The Consular Corps of Washington, DC —

The Consular Corps of Washington, DC is a non-profit organization that features a unique and innovative structure combining the community of career consuls and embassy administration officials with a large cross-section of representatives from the U.S. and D.C. Governments and supporting members from the local business community.

Founded in 1968 by Mr. Hernan Navarro, the Consul of Chile to the United States, the Consular Corps of Washington, DC has been an active part of the Washington diplomatic scene for over 40 years.

In the beginning, the Consular Corps met monthly on an informal basis to discuss current issues and challenges facing the consular community.  In 1974, the Consular Corps of Washington, DC formally adopted its Organizational Guidelines and insignia, which are still in effect to date.  Regular professional meetings and events were established to increase the benefits and scope of the Corps.

Mission Statement:

To increase consular effectiveness in the United States by providing training, monthly informative luncheons with top speakers, and exceptional networking opportunities.

Innovative Structure:

From its inception, the Washington Consular Corps has included not only Consuls, Consuls General, and embassy Administrative officials, but also Federal officials and corporate members who work directly with the Diplomatic Community.  This unique membership brings the consuls together with those people in Washington whom they should know.